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In Search of Life's podcast

Dec 27, 2019

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Kathy Tuccaro.


Kathy has just celebrated 7.5 years sober, now drives the biggest truck in the world, is an author and a motivational speaker.

Sadly, she also suffered serious abuse from a very very young age.

The thing that struck me the most about Kathy is her...

Dec 22, 2019

So I've met a few people now who don't like Dr Jordan Peterson for a few different reasons.

This of course is totally fine, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

Personally I'm really confused as to why this is, because to me everything he says makes pretty good sense.

In this podcast I try to lay out some arguments...

Dec 15, 2019

So I made this podcast after someone told me that I just want to be right sometimes.

I decided to think about it and work out why this is.

I guess for one, I've never met someone who actively wants to be wrong, so I might not be alone.

But in all seriousness, I decided to talk about how I think about this.  


Dec 7, 2019

Being a victim of alcohol abuse is a terrible thing.  When I say a victim, I don't mean people who drink and then abuse others.  

I'm talking about the fact that alcohol is the abuser!

It's a bit sad, but I feel like I need to clarify that this entire podcast is satirical, given the PC culture we're in.

Dec 1, 2019

Hi everyone

In case you hadn't noticed, my podcasts are starting to branch out beyond just drinking and I'm starting to address psychological issues, which end up touching on political aspects.

The main reason why I find it interesting is because of the profound personality shift I've had since I became sober.

I used to...